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About us


College of General Education was established on February 1st, 2019, consisting of four centers.


Center for Liberal Arts

We offer core and general courses of liberal arts to develop holistic education, provide microcredit courses and autonomous learning courses for students, and invite masters and/or experts to deliver a speech. We also, award students with excellent learning e-portfolio, empower teachers in teaching via professional teacher learning communities, and implement university-level projects such as Higher Education Sprout, Issue-oriented Narrative Innovation Teaching Development Project, and University Social Responsibilities.


General Study Center

We innovate teaching methods of Chinese courses, advance teaching in math and science, hold a series of seminars, conferences, activities promoting marine education, competitions, and teacher training workshops.


Foreign Language Education Center

We offer small-sized classes of general English and dual-topic English, as well as various intensive courses including TOEIC courses, Professional Vocabulary Quotient Credential (PVQC) courses, and advanced English course. Furthermore, we hold competitions like English presentation contests, micro-fiction contests, and creative video contests.Tutorial sessions are also featured activities in our center. For teachers, we conduct workshops of sharing innovative teaching methods and materials every semester.
Arts Center
We foster students’ appreciation of arts by holding activities like arts workshops, arts on campus, call for entries of youth, and improvement in public arts space.
The goals of the college are to promote humanistic competences, to enhance general courses, to consolidate language proficiency, and to equip students with appreciation and practice of arts and humanities via our sophisticated curricula.
The curricula of the college feature diversity, practice use in daily life and work places, and interdisciplinary studies.